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    General FAQs


    How does this work?

    How can I stay up to date with promotions and events?


    Do you deliver?

    Do you include information on ingredients and macro-nutrient content of each meal?

    How do I heat up the food?

     Where is your food made?

    Does the Menu change?

    Do we use all-natural ingredients?

    How do I heat up the food?

    What are your containers made of? 

    Can I freeze my meals?


    Why are you closed on Fridays and Saturdays?

    Why is your store closed on Thursdays when the hours say 10am-7pm?

    PickUp Partner Locations

    What is a PickUp Partner Location?

    How can my business become a PickUp Partner location?

    Can I buy individual meals at your PickUp Partner locations?

    Getting Simply Fit Meals: Online & In-Store

    Get SFM Online

    What is your ordering deadline?

    Why can I only select a Sunday or Monday for pickup days?

    When can I pick up my meals?

    How long do I have to pick up my order?

    Can I get a refund if I forget to pick up my meals?

    How long are the meals in my order good for?

    What is the benefit of ordering online?

    Do I have to be a member to pick up from a pickup partner location (gym, studio, etc)?

    Who can I contact if something is wrong with my order?

    If I have a House Account how do I order?

    Get SFM In-Store

    How do I get SFM in-store?

    Cold Pressed Juice


    What type of juice method/juicer do we use?

    Why do we use this juicing method?

    Are your juices different than the juices at the grocery store?

    What type of juice bottles do we use?

    How long are the juices fresh for?

    Do the juices go "bad"?

    My juice looks different than before, is that normal?

    Do the juices need to be refrigerated?

    How can I purchase the juices?

    What if I am allergic to an ingredient in the juice or juices you make?

    Can I drink the unpasteurized juice if I am pregnant?

    Is it the same if I just eat the fruit and veggies?

    Juice Cleanse

    What is a juice cleanse?

    How long does the juice cleanse last?

    Why should I do a cleanse?

    How often should I do a cleanse?

    What should I expect when doing a cleanse?